About me

Welcome to my website! I’m passionate about all things computer engineering, security, reverse engineering and forensics, devops and system administration, game development and gaming! whew! I take pride in crafting and delivering high quality software systems.

I have a number of years of experience across many challenging domains such as high performance financial trading software, game engines, forensics, personnel and training solutions.

You can find my projects on GitHub


Emacs or vim? Vim plugins unless im editing lisp
Favorite OS? Windows because crazy gaming desktop. For everything else I adore the BSDs, OpenBSD being the best of em.
Tiling window manager or ? lxde is my favorite.
You’re one of those free software curmudgeons? No, I’m busy being a bitter, jaded gaming veteran. So I couldn’t pull that off. Making half of a contemporary operating system and not getting credit for it probably sucks though.


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