December 10, 2017

dexGame damage update

This will be a quick update, but a few things have been added where the game is at an actual playable point!

Here's what has been added since last post:

  • player damage
  • basic hud showing health, for above damage system
  • player damage opened a wormhole of other stuff needed
    • player respawning
    • player gibs
    • etc..

So now, you can spawn into a game, run around , shoot and kill someone and they will respawn. This is also the first time I've been easily been able to see the player model and boy is it bad (or to theme...), but the weapon mount system is working well.

dead1 don't worry, dexGame is so advanced, it has no crouching so you cannot be teabagged.

The gib system is still WIP, so right now i just draw a red beam where you died. Eventually, chunks of your player model (im thinking wireframe shaded chunks of player model) will go flying. Not because I'm anti violence, but because real gibs require you to know what you're doing


impending rip gibstick2

It's also quite jarring when you die, you pop to a 3rd person free floating cam where you died. But the spectator camera doesn't inherit movement and stops cold, and loses all inputs. This is the stock spectator camera built into the engine, so I'll have to make a custom one that is a little more friendly.

I spent hours trying to get the above features working in a true network game and was led astray quite a few times, but at the end of the day it came down to a missing one liner for a network message constructor :(

debugging Sorry to anyone who has me on snapchat


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