November 30, 2017

dexGame rocket progress

Building a solid, real-deal game foundation this past week, I have only done some minor tweaks and cleaup to the following:

  • Player model, physics/movement
  • Rockets now have pushback / rocket jump (very ghetto atm)
  • Slightly less stupid visuals

I made the rocket look somewhat like something that would kill you and tweaked the player model to be more in the corner because this is clearly a critical issue. There is also support for left/right handed player models but its not yet exposed to UI. A settings UI is badly needed.


Yes, that is a bad version of amphi. Next I will move on to the following:

  • Damage system (which will then require player state/health)
  • Next weapon
  • Gamemode manager

I should also mention I'm using teamcity to automate all my builds + update this site which will make further updates easier.


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