October 28, 2017

Starting dexgame

For quite a few years, all of my spare time on hobbies that werent games have been spent on ruthlessly utilitarian projects (or I felt 'pointless' if they didnt serve an immediate purpose/learning). With that in mind, and to get on the fact I've been saying I want to do this for a while, I'm going to actually make my own game.

Unfortunately I suffer a severe case of jaded bitter gamer vet syndrome (tm) and I only like niche fast paced arena shooters of yesteryear like quakeworld and quake3 mods like CPMA, so it will probably be a simplified, modern version of a fast paced arena shooter with not much more to it. And no, many games coming out calling themselves 'fast paced' or 'old school' are anything but.

Astute readers may be wondering, "Why?" - this is a fair question, especially with games like warsow (which i contributed to for years), nQuake, Reflex (RIP), etc still readily hitting this niche quite nicely - all of which have virtually no players - why bother?

A few reasons: Firstly - I want to make it for me and no one else. Besides, I way too much of a realist about indie game development, its a diluted sea of garbage, just take a look at new steam releases. Endless asset flips and unreal engine hello worlds make it impossible for people to find your game by chance. That coupled with this ruthless, unwelcoming gameplay is a recipe for disaster.

Second, I want to learn an engine from the ground up so I have an effective way to play around with ideas. For this reason I will not be using UE4 or Unity, but will NOT be trying to create an engine because that is guaranteed failure. I'd like to really learn things like modern C++ (which I truly hate), 3D math, and maybe give some bot ai a stab. Third and last, I want to get the hang of 3d asset creation, I have done very minimal tweaking of assets in past but thats about it.

With that said, I'm about as creative as a honeydew in a spelling bee so I've calling the project just 'dexGame' internally, but I'll probably call it "Bad art arena" in homage to the impending chunks of double digit tris polygons pretending to be 'art'.

Development is underway, still mostly toolchain/setup phases. I'll try to update somewhat regularly as motivation ebbs and flows.


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